“Join my group and I’ll join yours!”  “Like my group and I’ll like yours!”

I know you’ve seen them. I know you’ve commented on them.

I have too.

And conceptually, it’s kind of cool, isn’t it? A free way to grow the number of people in your group or on your page!

So you start liking other pages and joining other groups… And maybe you start to get people liking your page and joining your group. And that feels pretty good!!!

But what I’ve learned is that these efforts are not truly beneficial, unless you’re looking for vanity numbers. In fact, these efforts actually damage your business, in more than one way!


B-b-but it’s a FREE way to grow my numbers. What could possibly go wrong?

I know, I know. I”m raining on your parade. But here’s the thing… There IS a way to make these posts work for you. We’ll get to that, I promise.

For now, let’s take a look at the 2 primary ways that these efforts are damaging your business:

Productivity and Engagement


When you like and join pages and groups that you’re not interested in, you’re “junking up” your own Facebook timeline. This means that when you scroll, you’re being shown things that you have no interest in. So you have to work harder and scroll farther to get to items that you actually want to see and engage with.

So you scroll.

And ignore the stuff you’re not interested in.

And scroll.

And ignore the stuff you’re not interested in.

And scroll…

You get the point.

This means more time on social media, which is more time AWAY from other things. Think about the things in your life that take a backseat to social media… Time with your family, income-generating activities for your business, self-care time, etc…

On the most basic level, your join-for-join and like-for-like efforts are stealing time away from your life that would be better spent elsewhere.


All of the other people who you’re swapping likes and joins with are of the same mindset! They’re liking your page and joining your group so that you’ll like and join theirs!

Maybe 1 out of 100 of them will actually have interest in what you have to offer, and engage with you.

The rest?

They (a) join long enough to secure you as a member of their group and then leave, or (b) become dead weight.

They pull down your engagement numbers.

So I challenge you to ask yourself this: Why do I want people in my group?

If you’re only looking for “vanity numbers”, that is, the ability to say “I have a group of 1,000 people!”, then this doesn’t apply to you.


If your group is meant to be a catalyst for client engagement and sales, then what good is 1,000 group members who have no interest in what you’re doing? Wouldn’t it be better to have 50 active and engaged members who order regularly, share their testimonials, offer value to the others in the group, and refer you to potential clients who are interested in what you’re doing? Otherwise, what is your group’s purpose?

So Should You Stop Participating in These Posts?

I’m not here to tell you what to do… I’m just here to give you a little perspective.

I can tell you that I have absolutely NOT stopped participating in these posts. I just go about it a little differently now!

For example, just before I sat down to write this blog post, I saw a join-for-join post. The original poster was joining each group posted, and replying to each comment with her own link and a comment like “I’ll join yours after you join mine.” This is pretty typical. And though I’m not a fan of this style for the reasons I listed above, I still see the opportunity to get in front of people who may just be my ideal client!

So I commented:

“I will check out the groups listed and join the ones I’m interested in (no reason to take up space in a group I won’t be active in). 🙂 If you’re interested in free training and support for driven direct sellers, check out The Social Selling Force. If it’s not something that interests you, no biggie!”

So my advice is this:

Come up with a sentence that describes what people can expect from your group, and add it, along with a note that you’ll check out the posted links and join/like the ones that interest you. As you can see, my blurb references “free training and support for driven direct sellers”. Short, simple, and just enough to spark the interest of my ideal clients, and send the rest scrolling. Voila!

PRO TIP: If you’re in direct sales, don’t make your blurb all about the company you represent! For example, if you sell Pampered Chef, don’t make your blurb about products, make it about cooking, recipes, etc. People will be much more likely to join a group that’s going to offer more than sales pitches.

There are many ways of growing your presence online. I hope that this has offered insight into how to maximize some of your social media efforts while keeping your productivity and engagement high!

Do you have similar or opposing thoughts on join-for-join and like-for-like efforts? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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