Here’s what we’ll cover in this LIVE 6-week course:

  • systems to help you get more done in less time
  • how to track and follow-up with leads
  • processes to help you manage your time more effectively
  • selling skills that will have clients coming to YOU
  • effectively growing and leading your team
  • creating consistency so you can keep your business running smoothly!

In this masterclass, I’m teaching you to:

  • get a clear answer to the questions “what do you do?” without referencing your company or your product
  • drop the sales-y techniques in favor of attraction marketing
  • show up as YOU in the online space and embrace the unique value you offer

You’ll walk away with a strategy to go from seeking out clients to attracting them to you.

In this 4-module course, you’ll learn how to:

  • identify your business values, mission, and purpose
  • identify your ideal client and where to find her, and what to say to her once you’re in her circle
  • craft scroll-stopping posts that will draw your ideal client right to you
  • leverage the anatomy of a sale into your business strategy
  • sell through service

This is the most comprehensive direct sales course on the market!

In this 5-module program, we’ll dig deep into the 5 crucial ingredients in your successful business “pie”:

  • A Personal Brand
  • A Follow Up System
  • A Marketing Plan
  • A Fierce Mindset
  • Daily Non-Negotiables
Use your included workbook to take notes and implement important concepts throughout the training!

The collaboration of the century.  31 Experts.  31 Courses.  2% of the cost if purchased separately.  Courses that cover:

  • Direct Selling
  • Sales
  • Mindset
  • Manifestation
  • Wealth Creation
  • Niching
  • …and more!

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