Hi, I’m Liza.

I help direct sellers to build robust business empires through implementing simple, service-focused, and integrity-fueled processes.

I’ve spent my life working in the direct selling industry.  I know what works and what doesn’t, and how to adjust course when necessary.

Through mindset work, strategic planning, and consistent execution, my clients see real growth and the income that comes along with it.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I live outside of Detroit MI with my wife Sarah, son Ryan, and 3 dogs (Lady, Gracie, & Marty).


  • My son Ryan is a student at Northern Michigan University (GOOOOOO WILDCATS!), studying Secondary Education and Mathematics.


  • Closed-toed shoes are my arch-nemesis. Flip-flops for president!


  • I laugh way too hard at corny puns. Seriously, if you know one, send it my way.


  • I have terrible night terrors that make for really entertaining anecdotes.  Ask me about them sometime!


  • I love hosting wine nights with friends, even though I usually just stick to club soda.


  • I have spent the last 20+ years dedicated to the direct selling industry, during which time I have helped thousands of women to define and achieve their goals.

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