So often, when entrepreneurs are asked the problem that they solve, they answer with the solution.


I asked someone today what problem they solve, and they answered, “Personal protection.”


But personal protection isn’t a problem, is it?


It’s a solution.


What is the PROBLEM that personal protection solves?


FEAR! The fear of walking from the house or building to the car. The uneasiness of looking over your shoulder every time you hear an odd noise. The lack of confidence in being able to defend yourself should a threat arise. The paralyzing fear that you won’t be able to protect your children in a crisis.  The terror of your loved ones being hurt – or worse – because you don’t have the skills or tools to protect them.


The problem is something that your ideal client can relate to. It’s something they experience.  It’s emotional.  How does the problem make them feel?


And when you describe THAT to them, you get their attention.


Once you have their attention, it’s time to talk solutions.


If you’re finding that you’re not getting the engagement that you’d like when you talk about what you do, change up HOW you’re talking about it… Pull them in with a clear understanding and relate-ability of their problem. Show them that you care about their problem… And THEN discuss how you can serve them with your solution.


Dig deep… What problems do you solve for your clients?

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