Not-At-All-True Fun Facts about FabuBoss founder Liza Altenburg

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Liza loves laundry. It’s her very favorite thing to do.

She never, ever gets frustrated with her 2 dogs when they wake her up with a kick to the gut, a flop onto her pillow, or a loud snore at night.

She loves the feel of sand beneath her toes.

Mushroom ravioli is her go-to comfort food.

She prefers dark colors in her wardrobe and home decorations.

Actual Fun Facts about FabuBoss founder Liza Altenburg

She’d rather scrub toilets with a toothbrush than do laundry.

She occasionally says a few swear words at night, directed at her dogs as they torture her with their late night paw-thrusting antics.

She loves to swim, and would choose a pool over a beach any day.

Cheesy food is her favorite, and the one food that she has never been able to enjoy is mushrooms.

Whimsy keeps her sane. Bring on the bright colors!

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