Everything that you do now – and I mean everything – you started out not knowing how to do.

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Let’s travel back in time together… To when you learned to walk. As an infant, you watched your parents walk for months before you ever took your first step. Once you began to try, you were coached by adults in your life to perfect the process. You were encouraged, cheered on, helped to try again every time you failed (which, whether you remember or not, was a *lot*), shown ways to ensure that each try got better results than the last. Every time you fell, there was a walking expert there for you to rely on, someone to encourage you to keep trying.

When is the last time that you actually thought about the process of walking as you were doing it? “Left, then right. Pick this one up, and put it back down here. Now the next.” As an adult, it’s pretty unlikely that you have this internal conversation on a daily basis. That’s because of the power of HABIT.

If something as simple as walking has become second nature, just imagine what income-boosting habits you can instill in yourself with a coach by your side! For more information about FabuBoss coaching, click here!

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