95% of all stress can be remedied with good communication!

Get your INFLUENCE on!

  • Powerful insights into your personality and behavior style.
  • Detailed explanation of your own communication style, and how you can best communicate with other personality and behavior styles.
  • Effective strategies for handling conflict and personality conflicts.
  • Great for individuals, families, and teams!

Get along with everyone, even if you’re not a “people person”!

Your personalized 30-page Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator includes:

  • 3 graphs and complete explanations that detail your public self, your private self, and your perceived self.
  • A complete description of your natural communication style and how you communicate with others.
  • A list of historical characters who share your personality type, and how they used it to achieve success.
  • POWER DISC – your strengths in leadership.
  • An application guide – self-discovery questions and an Action Plan to create your next steps!

DISCover your unique style… And become the influential powerhouse you were born to be!

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