Now is the time to decide:  Are you going to let 2020 happen TO you, or are you going to make it happen FOR you?

It’s hard to believe that the turn of another year is just around the corner!  I have been blessed with many incredible people in my life, and about 10 years ago, one of those people taught me this incredible goal-planning exercise.  I’ve used it religiously every year since, and I can honestly say that annual planning is something that I look forward to each and every year now!  Not only does this system help with the process of setting your goals, but it also makes it easy to track and stay on target.

Are you going to let 2020 happen TO you, or are you going to make it happen FOR you?

There are just 4 steps to creating and tracking your annual goals, and we’ll walk through them here!  This is truly a simple process, and one that will make all the difference in your upcoming year.  Go through this exercise step-by-step, and enter the new decade with a clear vision, measurable and track-able goals, and an outlined plan for your year!  This is your secret to making 2020 happen FOR you!

Step 1

Take some time to determine the roles that you fill in your life.  Spouse/parent/family member, friend, businessperson, etc.  And once your list is complete, add one more: “Person”.  At least some of your annual goals should be about self-development…  Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Sometimes we get so caught up in planning for our business, that we tend to let the other aspects of our life slip through our fingers.  If you’re only planning 2020 goals for your business, you will likely end up frustrated and unfulfilled before January ends!  Your business is important, but it’s not the only important thing in your life.

What roles do you fill?

My roles follow:
Family member (wife, mother, daughter)
Person (self-growth, personal fulfillment, fitness, spirit, extracurricular)

Step 2

Determine how you define success in each of those roles.  Remember to be specific, because you’ll want to measure your progress.  Avoid terms like “try harder”, “do better”, “a little”, “a lot”, “more”, and “less”, because they are vague and inhibit the tracking process that sets this process apart from all of the other annual planning processes out there!

Some examples of my role goals from years past have been:

Family member (wife/mom):  Take 1 week-long vacation with my spouse and son
Friend:  Host 1 dinner party each month
Business Woman / Career Woman:  Contribute $xxx to my company’s bottom line
Person (extracurricular): Audition for 2 community theatre productions

Step 3

Write your goals with check boxes beside them to track your progress.  For example, if your goal is to sell $100k, create ten $10k or one hundred $1000 boxes so that you can track your progress chunk by chunk.  You’ll enjoy the process of checking off box by box throughout the year.

Step 4

This step is key!  Print your sheet and carry it in your wallet, planner, or purse.  Add a weekly review reminder to your calendar (put those phone reminders to good use)…  Don’t let this sheet collect dust!  Check off your boxes as you move toward your goals!


I’m in the process of creating my 2020 goals now, but here is my 2019 goal sheet (it looks different now because I’ve X’ed out my goals as I’ve gone along!  I use MS Excel or Google Sheets to create my sheet each year, but you could just as simply use a different program, or even hand-write it if you prefer!

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The process takes me 30-60 minutes from beginning to end each year, depending on whether I have any major projects coming up that I need to incorporate into my goals.  This is time incredibly well spent, and I encourage you to invest this into yourself to ensure that 2020 is working for you, and not the other way around!

Are you going to let 2020 happen TO you, or are you going to make it happen FOR you?



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