So, you’re running a direct selling business, and selling a product or service that you’re passionate about.  Boo-yah, you are in a good place!

In my 20-cough-cough years in the direct selling industry, I’ve seen business women find success many ways.  The beauty of this industry is that you truly can make it work on your own terms and utilize your unique strengths to accelerate your journey to your dreams!

There are some universal musts in the direct sales world…  While you can put your own spin on each of them, they are necessary to maneuvering through each step of your business!

Keep reading, sister…  This article will walk you through 5 things (in no particular order) that are probably missing from your business today, that you can implement by tomorrow!

A Personal Brand

As a direct seller, you represent a company.  However, that company doesn’t define you.

YOU define you.

Develop your own brand.  Your goal is that when your clients and potential clients see an ad by your company or a sister consultant, they think of YOU.

You are your company’s competitive edge.  Sell yourself before you even introduce a product or service that your company provides!

If you’re not sure where to start with your personal brand, think about your quirks.  That’s right, embrace them!  Maybe it’s something obvious like teal hair that you rock.  Maybe it’s something subtle like your hatred of laundry or love of dogs.  Whatever it is, build from there.

Need help with this?  Schedule a strategy call!  I will walk you through building your own brand, one-on-one.  Many of my clients find that this is the most clarifying 30 or 90 minutes they’ve ever spent.  Let’s do this!


An Updated Potential Customer List

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We’ve all been there…  As a new consultant, we were encouraged to create a list of names of people that we know.  Maybe you completed the exercise, maybe you didn’t.  Either way, chances are the activity did precisely nada for your business.  If you scribbled down 100 names and it got shuffled under mail, paperwork, and other craziness of life, then the effort was a waste from the beginning.

Start over, and include every guest who’s ever attended a party, purchased from your website, and more.  This should be an ever-evolving list.  Making it digital is a great way to ensure that you can add and remove potential clients as necessary.

What your Potential Customer List IS:  The foundation of your business.

What your Potential Customer List is NOT:  A list of people to “call and tell” about your business.

Please, for the love of everything that’s holy, don’t be that guy.

There is a right way to use your Potential Customer List.  If you’re not clear on what that is, check out my training on how to Develop and Grow your Customer List without being the stereotypical obnoxious network marketer.


A Marketing Plan

Yes, you need one.

No, your company’s list of monthly deals isn’t it.

Your marketing plan should be broken down from your goals, at least on a quarterly basis.  Include the products/services that you’re focused on selling, your hot and warm leads, and a breakdown of how you’re going to (a) acquire more clients, and (b) sell to your current and new clients.  Social media promotions are included in this category; however, social media promotions do not make a complete marketing plan.

Get uncomfortable, sister.

For help with developing and regularly updating your Marketing Plan, check out my Strategy Sessions – you’ll leave with a Marketing Plan and then some!  If a session is outside of your budget constraints, take a look at the Quarterly Roadmap to Success guide for self-work.  This roadmap is the exact same resource I use in the Strategy Sessions that I offer.


A Daily List of Non-Negotiables

If you’re not prioritizing your venture daily, then you don’t have a business… You have a hobby.

And if you treat your venture like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.

Conversely, if you treat your venture like a business, it will pay you like a business.

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Treating it like a business means daily non-negotiables.

The wording here is very important.  A list of non-negotiables is just that.  It’s not a list of things that you’ll try to get to every day, or a list of things that you’d like to do each day to grow your business.  This is a list of things that you will make time for each day, without exception or excuse.

These activities can be different for each individual businessperson.  Here are some ideas that you can start with and tweak as you go:

  • Sales, booking, and host coaching calls.
  • Touchbase training or motivational call with 1-2 downline members.
  • Participating in company or upline-sponsored training calls or webinars.
  • Prospecting for new clients or team members.
  • Administrative tasks – updating calendar, labeling catalogs, prepping party materials, etc.
  • Meditation, mindset work, or positive affirmations.
  • Showing up online for your clients and/or downline members.

The key here is that you cement these into your daily routine somewhere, and let absolutely nothing get in your way!

For a free checklist of 3 daily activities guaranteed to grow your business, click here.


A Follow-Up System

The fortune is in the follow-up.

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Let me tell you about the follow-up system that I used to use!  Picture it:  An index card box separated into months and days…  Behind each month was the corresponding # of day dividers (yes, there were technically 377 dividers alone), and each lead that I acquired got his or her own 3×5 card.  On the top of the card, I wrote his or her name and phone number, where/when we met, and any other information about them that I thought would be important during my follow-up calls.


Pro Tip:  Always add something personal that you can bring up in conversations. 
For example, “How is that beautiful curly-haired baby?”


On the back was a list of dates and notes detailing the results of the calls I made to that lead.  I continually added notes during each conversation that I had with my lead.  After each phone call, I’d add notes, determine another follow-up date, and move the card to that date in the file.

Each day, I flipped to the current date and pulled out the stack of cards waiting for me.  One by one, I made my way through the pile and refiled as necessary.

PHEW there was a lot of physical labor involved!  And don’t even get me started on the time that I was hanging curtains in my office, knocked the box with a curtain rod (with surprising force!), and sent it careening across my office, index cards fluttering to the ground in chaotic order.

The good news for you is that with the advent of technology, follow-up doesn’t have to be such a cumbersome task.

A free spreadsheet program can be your key to both your potential client list AND your follow-up system.  It can even be one in the same!

For a free template with instructions on how to utilize it each day for maximum results, check out the FabuBoss Lead Tracker!  It’s as easy as copying the template to your free Google Drive and getting to work!


Implement these 5 things today!

There’s no reason to wait – these steps are doable, and not even particularly time-consuming!  The time you invest into these 5 keys that are probably missing from your business will be incredibly well spent, and you will certainly see your return on investment!

Drop me a line and tell me how your efforts to implement these 5 keys has impacted your business!

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