We build habits based on all sorts of things – our experiences, what we’re taught, and what our instincts tell us.

There are some habits, however, that are doing more damage to your business than good.  Let’s squash some of these common habits together today!


1.  Cold messaging.

Here are some of the ways that cold messaging can look:

*Sending a sales message to a person who you’re not FB friends with.
*Sending a sales message to someone you friended so that you could get a private message to them without it going into a filtered inbox.
*Sending an invitation to like your page or join your group to someone you just added as a friend.
*Sending a sales message to someone you knew a long time ago, but haven’t spoken to in months or years.
*Sending a sales message with no personal connection or personalization to someone you know.
*Replying to someone’s group post or comment with a sales page link, sales image, or sales blurb.
*Hijacking someone’s post by commenting to change the topic at hand to you or your business, product, service, etc.
*Joining “promotion” or promotion-friendly support groups and blasting sales posts.

You’re turning people off immediately with these tactics.  People, people, people. This is bad form. This is not building relationships.  This is not leading with integrity. And this is a surefire way to ensure your prospective clients roll their eyes and ignore or block you.

Grow your network.  Increase the number of people in your circle – both in-person and online.  Know who your ideal client is, and hang out where they are.  Build a reputation of being helpful and offering value that they’re interested in.  This is the best alternative to cold messaging – and a way to stop hearing crickets when you reach out about your business!!!


2.  Making it all about you.

As I write this, it’s the end of the month.  When I scroll through Facebook today, I’m inundated with posts asking me (as a part of the general public) for a favor.  

When you post, “I’m only $XXX away from my goal.  Who can help me out? Any size order helps!”, here’s what I see:  “Me me me me me me me me me me.”  Also, “my products aren’t good enough for people to want to buy because they might WANT them, so I have to resort to asking favors from my friends and acquaintances to make sales.”  

Again. Bad form.  This is actually doing the OPPOSITE of what you want it to do.

First, change your mindset from one of scarcity (I have to sell at least the company minimum this month) to one of abundance (I am not a sales chaser, I am a sales receiver).  

Second, frontload your monthly parties, consultations, and sales conversations so that you’re not scrounging at the end of the month for orders.  

And third, no matter what, you have to make it about your clients – NOT ABOUT YOU.

I’m going to say that again for the people in the back:  You have to make it about your clients and NOT ABOUT YOU!

Rather than telling the your clients about YOUR problems, relate to theirs!  Tell the story of how your product/service solved the same problem for you.  If you’re going to use a sense of urgency in your sales pitch, make it about THEM missing out on special pricing or availability, not about YOU missing out on whatever incentive it is that you’re working for.

3.  Sales-y posts.  

Note, I didn’t say “sales posts”, I said “sales-y posts”.  That’s because if you’re using social media the right way for business, growth, every post is a subtle sales post.  Show your network the life that you’re living! Doing this consistently is how you’ll have clients reaching out to you!

Instead of posting:
*Here are some before and after photos of this person I’ve never met.  Join my team!  Just $___.  Visit my website today!
*[A company-branded photo of a starter kit or recruiting special] with your website link as a caption.

Try posting:
*OMG look at this amazing bathing suit I just bought.  Cannot wait for summer!  Beach lounging, here I come!
*[A photo you snapped from your phone of your grocery cart, chock full of your family’s food for the week] with a caption about your remembering how in the past, you’ve hard to put food back because the total at the register was more than you had in your pocket, how far you’ve come, and how grateful you are for this life you get to live.

Use a 8:1 ratio when it comes to sales-y posts.  That means after 8 posts like the examples given above (personal, no call to action), post 1 with a link and/or call to action!


Break the mold, sister.  

If you’re truly ready to break the mold and stand out from the rest, check out this course that will walk you through how to stop playing small – your dreams are too big and too important for that!


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