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Earn more money from your Direct Selling or Network Marketing business,
whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned business owner!


Your habits are the foundation for your business success!


Implement simple processes into your business and watch your sales, team, and income soar!



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Recognize your strengths and weaknesses so that you can give your best to everyone in your life.


FabuBoss training focuses on simplistic processes that you can easily incorporate into your daily activities.


Take your growth to the next level in a safe and uplifting environment.


Identify where you are and where you want to be.  Create a roadmap that prepares you for obstacles along the way!


Tools of the trade that will help you to streamline your business!


We will leave your audience engaged, motivated, and hungry for what you have to offer!


5 Things Missing From Your Direct Selling Business

So, you’re running a direct selling business, and selling a product or service that you’re passionate about.  Boo-yah, you are in a good place! In my 20-cough-cough years in the direct selling industry, I’ve seen business women find success many ways.  The beauty of...

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Fun Facts about FabuBoss founder, Liza Altenburg

5 Not-At-All-True Fun Facts about FabuBoss founder Liza Altenburg Liza loves laundry. It's her very favorite thing to do. She never, ever gets frustrated with her 2 dogs when they wake her up with a kick to the gut, a flop onto her pillow, or a loud snore at night....

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And So It Shall Be: Annual Goal Setting

Now is the time to decide:  Are you going to let 2019 happen TO you, or are you going to make it happen FOR you? It's hard to believe that the turn of another year is just around the corner!  I have been blessed with many incredible people in my life, and about 10...

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Facebook Balance

Have you gotten involved with a direct sales or network marketing company in order to take control of your life by earning an income, all the while setting your own schedule and keeping your family in the #1 priority position? If so, congratulations! Going into...

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You Started Out Not Knowing How To Walk, Too.

Everything that you do now - and I mean everything - you started out not knowing how to do. Let's travel back in time together... To when you learned to walk. As an infant, you watched your parents walk for months before you ever took your first step. Once you began...

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